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Sustainability and ESG strategy

  • Which sustaianbility business risks and opportunities does your organization have?
  • How can you be impactful?
  • How will environmental management, responsible employment, ethical behaviour and community involvement be an integral part of your strategy an everyday operation?
  • What stakeholder expectations will drive you and how to response effectively?
  • Which business modell enables your organization to become green, family friendly, ethical or community based?
  • For those, who want to be a sustaianbile and responsible organization:
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Knowledge, skills, competence and commitment

  • How will managers and employees be committed to your sustainability goals?
  • What knowledge is necessary in-house and how effectively build this?
  • What training and development supports really your strategic goals?
  • How will information dissemination lead to understanding, call for action, change attitude or behaviour?
  • How can stakeholder be helpful in all this?
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Performance management and transparency

  • Hogyan érdemes mérni a fenntarthatósági teljesítményt?
  • What and how to measure?
  • How will monitoring contribute to better results?
  • What to disclose publicly and how?
  • Which non-financial, ESG, sustainability report is fitting?
  • How can a “must to have” report still drive sustainability?
  • Ratings, awards and company assessment
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